5 risk factors of using fake spare parts on your car!

A counterfeit car part is a replica of the car issued by the manufacturer. These are made without the consent of the car manufacturer and with malicious intent. It is not easy to distinguish the fake spare parts from the real ones. Since fake parts are cheaper, there is a temptation to buy them without checking their authenticity.

Counterfeit spare parts do not work as efficiently as the original parts. When they fail, it can be dangerous for the car, its system, and even the occupants. Everything from counterfeit filters, alloy wheels, brake pads, and cables have found their way onto the market.

Now, let’s look at the list of the reasons why Counterfeit spare parts can be dangerous.

1. Threat to security.

Counterfeit replacement spares can be a safety hazard. The brakes you bought may not stop the car in time, or the aftermarket alloy wheels may break as soon as it hits the first pothole. The counterfeit electrical parts you use in the engine may also short out. All of this makes fake car parts downright dangerous. 

2. Inferior Quality. 

Because counterfeit replacement parts are sold at a very low price, the companies that sell them often compromise on quality and workmanship. As a result, they are not designed to last. The materials from which they are made are not of high quality. Therefore, it is better to stay away from fake spare parts.

3. Road Accidents.

Here is a frightening statistic. There are reports that 2 out of 10 car accidents in the country are caused by counterfeit car parts. When a counterfeit part malfunction, the consequences can be severe. The effects can go as far as serious injury and death.

4. Emission Level. 

Counterfeit spare parts reduce engine power, which would mean more emissions. Also, dubious third-party exhaust systems may not meet the emission standards set by the government. So counterfeit parts are very much harmful to us as well as to the environment.

5. False Economy.

Since fake spare parts are cheap, you are made to believe that you have saved money. But in the long run, you would spend more money, on frequent repairs and replacements. In the end, you will feel that you should have opted for the genuine parts after all.

There are many reasons why you should stay away from counterfeit replacement parts. Therefore, be sure to use the original brake discs, shock absorbers, batteries, and other components.

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