5 Things You Must Know About What Is Fan Clutch

What is fan clutch?

A fan clutch is a temperature controlled coupling which is present right between the water pump shaft and the fan. The design of the clutch uses to allow the fan to be operational at low speeds and can be disconnected at higher speeds. This allows the whole engine to operate and removes the heavy load which might cause burden.

Since the fan clutch is the important part of your cooling system, there are a lot of performance issues which you can face. When you think of an automated cooling system, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cooling fan and even the radiator.

The clutch of the fan is the most overlooked part which needs proper management from time to time.
The drive shaft which is ready and needed to be attached to the water pump can sometimes form a faulty load of connection. But, using a clutch fan can be expensive for some people.  The original clutch of the fan have an initial price which is high and that is why most people cannot use it. These are some basic problems that one can face while they are using the clutch fan to work.

How does the fan clutch works?

The working of the fan clutch is pretty simple to understand.

The one job that it has to control the fan when it is being turned on and off. It provides all the airflow when it is completely needed. Whenever there is drag on the engine, it can slow it down to a considerable amount. This is why the clutch is made sure to be used so that the drag on the engine is treated .

Most of the clutches which are made out of complete silicone based oil for the fuel generation. The oil is completely held at the internal reservoir when the fan disengages itself with the engine.

Engagement of the content of the fan, the internal valve is opened which allows the liquid to enter. This causes a major friction between the drive plate and the housing and on the other hand, causes the fan to spin. If the motor oil have a smooth transmission, the engine have a faster retention of the fluid which is then used for the ultimate process.

To completely disengage the fan clutch, the valve closes on its own. Since this process is automatic, there is no instance of manual insertion with the clutch of the fan. The fluid is kept on the reservoir itself and the reduction between the motor which houses the oil.

How are the valves controlled?

There are different fan clutches which can be used altogether. Every system have a unique clutch system and have their unique disposal too. Fan clutches are mostly out of three types. There are thermal. Non thermal and even electric clutch system which works on the disposal of the machine.

The non-thermal valves and clutches are completely rpm dependant and on the other hand, the thermal clutches do need assistance. The valves are pushed against each other with centrifugal force connecting them.

  1. There are standard duty thermal clutches which functions at about 50-60% of the water pump which is restored.
  2. There are heavy duty thermal fan clutches which works at about 60-70% of the water pump seed when the engagement of the motor are done.
  3. Last but not the least, there is the severe duty thermal fans which works at about 70-80% of the water pump when they are connected with each other. However, on this contrary, they have a large working area for the function to be laid out.

This is how the valve are functioned on each and every clutch system present.
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It might help you to get the ones which are has a high performance function with them.

Flex Fans vs. Clutch Fans- Which is better?

There are different segments of a flex fan and a clutch fan which does not go around with each other. Flex fans are mostly the radiator fan clutch which are used for the engine motor suspension and tension which is created for the running of the machine. On the other hand, clutch fans are mainly functioned with the help of the clutch/valve technique.

Flex fans are made out of completely stainless steel bodies and blades which are made out of plastic and riveted to the frame. By the complete design of the fan, the blades are flattened out with the present RPM rate of the motor as a whole.

Clutch fans are basic and they functions with the use of the valve and the clutch technique which lets the fan attach to it easily. The thermal operation in the clutch fans are the most important thing which helps them to be at the top. While some of them may have automotive fan clutch, most of them are done with including thermal invasion onto the motor of the fan and then attaching itself with the engine to power drive.

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The spring which is present on Clutch fans itself are used and they are managed to drive off the power with the pressure created through the heat passing through the radiator. When the temperature of the fan clutch have hit the ceiling with a whopping 170 degree, the spring completely opens and forms a path to the chamber.

This chamber allows the air coming directly outside of the fan to travel and then cool off the engine which is overheated. This process is not familiar with flex fans at all.


Drag is needed to power through the fan. Drag energy is synchronised and not needed with so much of attention.

On the other hand, mechanical fan clutch have a probably suitable manner for the work to be done. The engagement which occurs onto the clutch itself is worked out with the help of the valve system which is present.

If the engine have severely overheated, the air chamber opens and the air is allowed to pass in through the fan to cool it down.

But with flex fans, this system if transmission of air is not possible. This is why flex fans are ideally slow in nature and clutch fans do have a high speed operation manual.


The main con of flex fans are the speed of operation which is dually slow. With engine fan clutch, there are overheating damages with the clutch based radiator that can be harmful for later purpose.

What are the symptoms of fan clutch failure?

There are a lot of ways through which you can undermine a fan clutch failure.

  1. If there is excessive clutch fan noise then there is something wrong. Sometimes, when the motor engine oil does not work or the motor have an overheated system, it can cause a lot of disrupt onto the main machine. This in fact can cause the vehicle to heat up and on the other hand, emit noises or squealing sounds from the fan itself.
  2. There is complete decrease in power and acceleration of the fan. This is when you need to keep a lookout at the engine cooling fan clutch which can cause this disruption more than once. This is a common way to say that the clutch of the fan is not working and that it is needed to be fixed.


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