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There have been an intense evolution post-2016 with many significant advancements in technology, particularly in the automobile industry.

Current technologies are enhancing the experience of the users while giving rise to a huge impact on the supply chain and changing the techniques of original equipment manufacturers used for automobile manufacturing simultaneously.

Advanced features have been added to the new-modern automobiles especially four-wheelers such as Cloud computing, IoS, substantial data, remodelled GPS are some of the features.

Several updates, additions and replacements of basic features in cars are done and the development of technology has led to several inventions in the future vehicles.

Spare parts of the old fashioned vehicles are also being utilized in the production of modern age vehicles. Click here to buy car spare parts online.

How the industry have changed?

There have been identifications of some current key automotive industry trends as well. Data analytics platforms which are extremely enormous are now being used to optimize several components delivering a qualitative meaning to the manufacturers (OEMs) of the original equipment in the intensely competitive market.

Technology is changing at a fast rate every year, compelling the increasing priority being placed on automotive technology by the consumers.

Below listed are the Top 10 Automotive Industry Trends & Innovations that have been or being made in recent times:

Autonomous Vehicles

Innovative manufacturers are giving significant attention to the potential of self-driving technology or autonomous vehicles. It will open new opportunities for the manufacturers, boosting their business growth and making them leaders in the intense global competition. The international market for these self-driving vehicles is projected to be worth $54.23 billion in and its value is predicted to boost to $556.67 billion by the year 2026.

For the development of autonomous vehicles, there should be a deep knowledge of AI and machine learning. Thus, it’s reasonable to partner with machine learning leaders.

One of the most important parts of developing an autonomous vehicle is Infrastructure. World’s first full-size autonomous electric bus has been already launched and made to travel around, on the streets of Singapore on 5th of March 2019.

Volvo and the Nanyang Technological University together launched it. Driving will be made more accessible, inexpensive, safer, easier, and time-efficient by this trend

Biometric Vehicle Access 

Biometric Vehicle Access will enable the individuals to unlock and start the car with just a fingerprint, by scanning retina or by a voice recognition system. The strategy is being evolved for the fingerprint recognition whereas the voice recognition system has been recently introduced in the market and is thriving.

Any unauthorized entry is prevented by the fingerprint recognition strategy into the vehicle unless accurate fingerprint of the owner is not delivered. It is an expected progressive technology that will stimulate the growth of the biometric vehicle access system in the international market.

The base year is deemed as 2015 for the study of such technology and the projection has been given for the forthcoming years.

Launch Mobility

It is a US-based Start-Up which has developed a tech platform for a range of shared mobility solutions that powers the evolution of leading mobility brands. LM Mission Control offers free-floating or station-based car sharing, advanced shuttle services, shared dockless scooters, keyless rental programs, and peer-to-peer shared mobility.

Any individual owning or operating a fleet can benefit from a Launch Mobility solution.

Driver Override Systems

Driver Override System is one of the most progressive, fully integrated electronic system and a significant safety feature in the cars. This feature prompts the car to dismiss the command of the person if it senses or recognises any abnormal acceleration or electronic malfunction is recognized by the sensors.

The electronic control unit either overlooks the acceleration pedal or sustainably reduces its effect, ensuring the safety of the passenger with features like anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist, crash avoidance systems, automatic parking control, brake override system. It overrules the command and applies the brakes even if the passenger has the gas pedal floored because of the sensor technology which will force a shift in priority giving the decision to the car.

Other systems minimize the engine’s fuel supply; while in hybrid vehicles, the electronic current force is reduced.


It is an Indian startup that provides a proper AI-powered fleet-management program for fleets of varying dimensions.  As stated by the Start-Up,’RevitsOne fleet management software process is made to supply control on on-demand in addition to real-time in your fleets.

‘This start-up’s car management system provides insights into rate and drivers and wellness info gains by a helper ‘Voicera ID’ .  Additionally, a rate recorder is inserted to limit the rate.

Lordstown Motors

The 2020 Endurance is an all-electric pickup truck developed by the US-based Start-up Lordstown Motors Corps. It thus enables easier maintenance. It is the first commercial vehicle to feature four in-wheel hub motors which help in reducing the number of moving parts and extensively improving the control of the vehicle. It is also capable of travelling more than 250 miles (400 km) on a single charge.

Indian Automobile Sector is planning to introduce such a vehicle in its market soon. Click here to buy car spare parts online.

V2X Network

As per the developers of this network, it enables the vehicle to share in-car operational data such as vehicle maintenance information, charging information, battery information, sensor detection information, steering angle along with user data such as user preferences, driver profile and skill, billing information.

It also provides V2X service data that is traffic information, location and communication information using numerous sensors deployed in and outside of the vehicle. In short, it offers a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) platform for autonomous transactions combining geo-networking and enabling low latency real-time communication.


It is a German Start-Up offering a modular electronic vehicle charging solution converting parking spaces into charging stations. The charging point recognizes the power requirements of every car and controls the charging intelligently.

There are four charging modules with up to 22kW, providing monthly reports and using a Typ2 charging cable.

The solution acknowledges the power requirements of every car and automatically controls the charging speed for each automobile with less the installation effort and thus also the installation costs. Click here to buy Mahindra genuine parts & Hyundai genuine parts.


It is a Singapore-based Start-Up promoting shared mobility in the Asia-Pacific region with the focus on scooters. The scooters are customized for sharing, safety, reliability, and durability through the aviation-grade aluminium frame.

Users can discover the nearest Beam scooter on an app and park it in visible public spots after the ride. The micro-mobility platform offers an endurable alternative to short-distance rides helping to regulate the traffic in cities.

Procon Analytics

It is a US-based Start-Up which pulls substantial data to offer a solution for automotive finance. The solution occupies millions of data points, transforming GPS tracking technology and reinventing automotive telematics in real-time analysing them to enable the lenders to instantly evaluate and reduce the risk.

It allows Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers to expand their businesses and extend credit to high-risk customers along with the offers of software solutions for fleet, asset tracking and connected cars.


The latest technologies developed by start-ups and developing companies have the potential to modify the entire industry and overcome challenges such as complexity, expense, splitting market, digital demands, and a changing industry landscape. Also, the latest technology guarantees more improvement, maintenance and safety in vehicles. Day by day the development is making it easier for both, the sectors and the consumers to benefit from. Click here to access Smart Parts Export.

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