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Everyone who earns a beautiful car, treats it like a family member. This vehicle takes them to. Their destinations of picnics, road trips, and more. Hence, your car becomes an essential Centrepoint for your family.  Like you we care about your car’s safety and health.

Whenever, there is a part failure in cars, it is essential to rely on premium and authentic parts, like Suzuki spare parts, because they have the correct material and machinery bindings for supporting the vehicle. This is where the car care starts from, eradicating the myth that duplicate parts also serve the purpose.

Over eons, a lot of misconceptions have been spread about car care. In the world of internet today, these myths about car care can create a sense of confusion and spread around through electronic media easily, a clarification on which is thoroughly needed.

What are car care myths?

  • Car care myths can be anything misconstrued about it, in a way that will eventually harm your system and give bad results. They can be anything from letting the car warm up first to using premium gas, because it is better than regular gas.
  • Myths can be registered as widely held but false data. Such myths include stories that we are told as children, but urban beliefs need logic. Same is the case with cars, you may believe certain things that are good for your car, but it will only damage it more spending money unnecessarily.
  • It is highly essential for all vehicle owners to first understand the system of their automobile and then act, if needed in certain areas. Believing in-car myths can be convincing as it can be true to a layman, the truth being it is not.

De-busting the myths of car care

Here is de-busting certain popular yet precarious myths about car care, with reasons,

1. Myth- You should change the oil regularly

Reality– Constructed with the help of new-age engines, synthetic engine oils are curated for superior performance. Hence, there is no need of changing the oil very often. Some people believe in the myth, changing the oil every 3 months or 3000 miles, which is not useful.

2. Myth- you should inflate the tyres to the pressure mentioned

Reality– While understanding the importance of numbers is good, the mentioned pressure is not always the ideal pressure. This figure mentioned on inflated tires is all matters of testing tyres limits. Instead, the buyer should always follow the advice of the manufacturer, which can be found on the inside of the driver’s door.

Here is what can happen if your cars tyre is overinflated,

  • The center of the tire will contact the road and cause the tread to wear and tear earlier.
  • Features change, can make the tyres less flexible.
  • The sidewall of the tire will not be flexible resulting in a harsh ride.
  • This can affect the braking quality of the tires, too hard for maximum traction.
  • Increasing threat over tyre wear
  • Reduced traction.

Here is what can happen if the tyre is underinflated

  • The outer edges of the tire make contact with the road, causing premature tread wear.
  • Features handling can affect the flexibility of the tyres.
  • Sidewalls of the tyres flex too much causing excess heat in the tyre.
  • Hard flexing can cause a reduction in braking.

3. Myth- you must not replace the tyre, till completely down

Reality– As per Indian norms, the minimum tread depth of tyres is 1.6mm. This limit should not be waited for. If the automobile owner does this, they are purposely risking their lives because the minimum depth if for ideal condition and the tyres will not hold good, if there is water on the path.

4. Myth- Your car insurance can cover everything

Reality– Most people who buy insurance for their vehicle, feel that their insurance will cover everything. In most cases, such legalities are dependent on the insurer and the policy norms. It is most important to know what parts do your policy cover for your vehicle.

Knowing what repairs and assistance your insurance policy provides, can be of great help in times of tension.  For stress-free maintenance and policy covers, you should read the entire terms thoroughly and then approach for buying it.

5. Myth-you should let your car warm

Reality– With the automotive industry and technologies advancing all times, modern vehicles do not need to be idled, before driving. You will only end up wasting your fuel and adding to pollution. As long as you do not unnecessarily rev the engine, you key and start to drive.

6. Myth-Premium fuel will give better performance than regular fuel

Reality– Most vehicles are designed in a way that it runs on any grade fuel. So, unless, you are driving a very high-performance car, fuelling will not be necessary with high-grade fuel. Moreover, for regular vehicles, it won’t matter much which type of oil is being used.

Premium fuels can be utilized. But only on the recommendation of the manufacturer. Using high-grade fuel in normal cars, otherwise will not improve its efficiency. Using higher octane vehicles, do not need it. Here is where you can save money on the correct fuel for your vehicle.

7. Myth- Only car dealerships can perform regular maintenance

Reality– It is not mandatory to approach the same dealer for any issue, that needs repairing or maintenance. It can be done using spare parts like Hyundai spare parts, depending upon the car model. Hence for servicing needs you can also approach any service center.

In good service centers most of the activities carried out is, fluid flushes, oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups. Although the factory warranty repairs must be fulfilled by the dealer, most dealers, also honor after-markets warranties. They are equipped to handle all kinds of paperwork by contacting the warranty company, and making any rental car arrangements.

8. Myth-every time oil is changed, coolant should be flushed

Reality– Believing the myth, that every time your car oil is changed, the coolant should be flushed is foolishness. Coolant flushes should be done only after the vehicle completes 30,000 miles. However, coolant and other fluids should be checked when the engine is serviced.

The owner can themselves refer to the manual for manufacturer-recommended service, or one can approach a trusted mechanic to decide the appropriate schedule for your vehicle issues, and solutions.

9. Myth- cars can be washed with laundry or dishwashing detergent

Reality– An important lesson to realize about car maintenance tips is that, laundry and dishwashing soap are not formulated or can be used for washing car machines. This step can essentially strip off the wax layer, which is the protective layer of your vehicle. These soaps are abrasive and can damage the vehicles clear coat resulting in very minute scratches, overtime of paint.

The color of the car will start fading out due to the oxidation process, and this is damage to car appearance. Instead one should rely on designated car-wash products, that are formulated especially for use on an automobile. Use a large, soft sponge, a microfiber towel, or a lambswool mitt, not wire mesh for cleaning purposes.

Using a separate sponge to clean the wheel parts, including tyres which may be coated with sand, dirt, brake, dust or any other debris that could lead to scratches to the car’s finish can be a good practice. You may also require a dedicated wheel cleaner, however normal once might suffice.

One should search for cleaners that are compatible with finishing types, that can save paint, clear-coat, or chrome for vehicle safety and finish. Hence avoid using heavy cleaners, or laundry powder and detergents for washing cars, to maintain the radiance of your vehicle.

10. Myth- you need to make your car winter or summer-ready

Reality– You may have come across advertisements, that claim and promise to service your cars as per seasons. This can be a total waste of money for you, and trick of earning for them. As long as believing a reputed mechanic is concerned, you would know there is no seasonal servicing needed by your cars, and regular checks only involve oil, wipers, brakes, tire and more servicing.

Having said this, it is more essential to get your car serviced, any time of the year, but there is no requirement of any seasonal servicing as far as advertisements suggest. Regular maintenance checks can ensure your car’s health and its motor-life.


Cars are overwhelming endeavors for every vehicle owner. There is a sense of attachment towards your favourite car, and hence one cannot take risks while taking care of it. Therefore, having a clear idea about what is a car myth and what a reality becomes super important. The car owners should not believe anything from unreliable sources, and should reach out to servicing centers for help or issues.

Remembering the fact that your automobile is your asset, and that it will need the utmost care, whether it is part replacement with smart parts export or maintenance, everything should be well studied, to ensure your vehicle life and its efficiency.

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