How does your car Brake Pedal goes to the floor

As important as it is to move your car forward, you have to know that it needs to stop. Sometimes the brake pedal can drop to the sink or to the floor of your car accordingly. The brake pedal goes to floor mainly because when it is depressed, the mushy and the spongy brake pedal can be forced to the ground for a heavy down pressure when applied to it.

Sometimes, the depressed brake pedal can cause much damage to your car if you don’t give it a proper look and take care of it right on time. If your brake pedal goes to floor when you apply pressure on it or even your foot when you are applying it to stop your car, this can cause a lot of issues.

The brake pedal goes to floor does not come up or springs up when the force is applied onto it during the time of the car brake. This can indicate that there are some heinous troubles with your car which are asked and needed to be checked as soon as possible.

You can always take your car to a mechanic to give a glimpse of whatever is happening. On the contrary, you can get a check of your own as well.

Understanding the brake system of your car

There are around two brake systems which are formulated on your car. One is called the disc brake system and the other one is known as the drum brake system. The brake pedal goes to floor slowly problem is realised in different cars depending on the type of brake you have. For example, if you have a disc brake system then the spring in your disc brake can act faulty and thus cause this problem.

On the other hand, there goes the drum brake system. If you have a drum brake system, the brake pedal sinks to floor might be happening because the pressure which is applied on the faulty brake is at a higher load. The pressure which is applied when you want to sound a power of resonance to a drum happens right here. When the heavy load is applied on the brake, it can cause the whole brake to sink down to the floor.

Sometimes, if you don’t give a proper check of the applied pressure, it can cause a ton of issues later. The disc brake is turned on with the help of a calliper handling the round rotation of the disc. If you take your car to the mechanic then they will take care of the issue by replacing the calliper rotation motor disc and putting onto a new one.

For the drum brakes, as said, the brake pedal to the floor happens because of the hydraulic wheel pressure.

The mechanic takes a closer look into whatever is happening with the brake system of your car. Then they changes the hydraulic wheel pressure and replaces it with a part which will completely work.

What causes the brake pedal goes to floor?

Here are some of the reasons for which the brake pedal going to floor.

  1. The Master cylinder damage.
  2. The brake fuel leak.
  3. The leak of the ABS unit of your car.
  4. The Engine Spare Parts are not working rightly and this can be a major problem for the brake pedals sinking.

Here is what happens to your car

The master cylinder is the most vital component of your car. The cylinder consists of the rotation variables which are can be applied to the brake systems of your car.

It sends the pressurised brake fluid to the brake lines of your car so that it can spring up after you are done with the work. The master cylinder forms the main reason why the loose brake pedal. To take a closer look into whatever is happening, the master cylinder can be repaired or checked out for.

If the master cylinder does not respond then all these can happen to your car and when the pedal sinks.

  1. The vehicle is unable to hold all the brake pressure and that is why the brake pedal goes to floor.
  2. The brake pedal goes to floor is completely noticeable when applying the whole pressure. When you are putting your foot onto the brake to apply the pressure, there is a stark hint of tension which happens between your foot and the brake pedals.
  3. Depends on the type of pressure you are applying. If your brake pedal goes to floor then there is proper pumping needed for your brake to bring it back up.
  4. The brake pedals do have a warning signs. If the warning light are not illuminated then there is something wrong with your brake pedal accordingly.

The brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid which is applied to the brakes of your car to make sure that it works. When you put the pressure on the brake of your car, it accordingly takes it and then the pressure applied forms the brake systems to work.

The fluid which is restrained onto the brake pedals of your car helps with the smooth management of the working of the brake pedals. You can always look up for Car Maintenance tips to know better.

  1. There is a complete brake light illumination which blinks all the time and indicates that something is wrong with the brake system of your car.
  2. Wet spots are denitrified and then there are hose and lines connected with the brake pedals of your car.
  3. If you have the drum brakes then the brake fluid can start leaking from the calliper of your car.
  4. Possible leaks happens when there is the hose or the wheel disengagement of your car.


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