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As we think of cars, Mahindra cars are one of the most popularly used names, however, every car, goes through some depreciation during their lifetime even well-known cars like that of Mahindra & Mahindra, but if you want to use it for a good amount of time, one thing you must keep an eye on is the spare parts that need to be replaced due to the constant wear and tear that might slow the functioning of your vehicle, here we bring you the most commonly replaced car parts on which you have to focus on for routine vehicle maintenance.

The Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts:

1.  Air Filters:

  • The relevance of air filters is that it prevents any sort of dirt, contaminants to enter the engine of your car.
  • However, if you have traveled or frequently travel to gravelly roads, you must replace the air filters of your car, since they may have been clogged due to the dirt.
  • Averagely you would want to replace this part after every 40,000 miles but it also depends on your usage.
  • If you do not replace the air filters from time to time, the dirt will get into the engine of your car and will create numerous problems, such as a drop in power, decreased fuel efficiency, etc.
  • Hence, you must positively replace air filters accordingly; you can replace it with Mahindra Genuine Partsthat will increase the life of your vehicle.

2.  Brake Pads and Brake Rotors:

  • Brake pads are present in the car to produce friction that will help your car to cease the kinetic energy and make it stop.
  • Although, this process of friction and breaking may wear down the brake pads and they might need replacing.
  • Brake rotors work along with the brake pads to cause friction that stops the car; it averts the overheating that is caused while generating this friction.
  • Nonetheless, the excessive use of brake pads eventually is responsible for the wear and tear of the Brake rotors.
  • The squeaking and growling noises that your brakes make are alarming for you to check the brake motors and the brake pads.
  • If you do not replace them, you are possibly inviting a brake failure your way.
  • You can easily find this spare part online or offline and can also be replaced with Mahindra Genuine parts.

3.  Tires and Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

  • Tires are probably the most out-there yet overlooked part of a vehicle, the tires in a vehicle are responsible for supporting its load and transmitting grip and friction to the road.
  • However, constant pressure from the roads tend to wear out the tires, thus, they require replacement averagely after every 70,000 miles.
  • Mahindra Tires are inarguable, one of the best tires available in the market, and one can replace the tires with this one.
  • One of the major things you must take care of with a tire is the pressure in the tire and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) helps you do this.
  • There are two types of TPMS; direct system and indirect system.
  • The battery failure stops this system from functioning, hence, you will have to take professional help for its reinstallation and proper working.

4. Headlights:

  • The device that illuminates the road for the driver is headlamps and the light that is dispersed via the glass is known as the headlight.
  • It goes without saying that if the lights are not bright or clear enough, there is an increased risk of accidents and unfortunate events.
  • If the car’s headlight is not functioning well, it may be because the alternator is suffering, this part is responsible for charging the battery and to power the vehicle, and however, due to overload, it may not justify its role.
  • Thus, you must check the wiring, relay, fuse, switches, alternator. If one light or both of them are not working and replace it.

5. Battery

  • The batteries in a vehicle conduct the starting, running, and powering of the engines.
  • With time, the battery ages and there is an increased risk of its failure, the most common reason being acid stratification and low charge.
  • Some habits like leaving the air conditioner and the lights switched on when the car isn’t started or if the trip is not that long for the battery to charge itself up, it may ruin it.
  • You must replace your battery every four to five years for the continuous good conduct of the battery.
  • Also, get it checked for dirty terminals and any physical problems.
  • In case, your battery runs out, you must get in touch with dealers supplying Mahindra Engine Partsto replace your battery as soon as possible.

6. Spark Plugs

  • The spark plugs in a vehicle are responsible for igniting the fuel and creating the power for the engine of the car.
  • These spark plugsare very small yet very important part of the vehicle and are very easily replaceable by the owner itself, with the help of a simple car manual.
  • You can sense the need of renewing them in case of; if your vehicle is having some difficulty in starting up, there is slow acceleration, misfiring, etc.
  • While changing these plugs, you first have to unscrew them, and then clean the terminal, next lubricate the new plug then screw the new plug back in.
  • These plugs are very cheap and not at all on the pricier side yet very relevant for the working of the car.

7.  Windshield

  • We all know the windshield of the car is utterly made for the protection of the driver as well as the passenger, from dust, debris, insects, rocks, and Ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Cleaning the windshield regularly prevents it from scratching or any other defect.
  • However, if your car has met with an accident or any other event that has caused the breakage of the glass of its windshield, you would want to replace it to prevent any other unfortunate event from happening.
  • You can sometimes cause cracks to the windshield by applying clear tape that can create stress cracks on to it.
  • Also, keep your car at a consistent temperature after any kind of breakage, to not cause any more damage to it until you get a new windshield installed.
  • You must change your windshield whenever you feel the need since it’s also responsible for the sight of the driver.


These are seven of the major car parts that are easily replaceable by Mahindra spare parts, and this can be done by minimal effort sometimes and at others by some professional help. However, at all times, you must take care of these parts since they are responsible for not only the proper functioning of the car but also prevent you from any accident and unfortunate event in the future.

Driving a car is not just taking care of it on road but also mainlining it off-road and one exporter that can help you with this job of replacing your car parts is Smart Parts Exporterit is a leading car parts exporter worldwide and has a wide range of products to offer at various and convenient prices. So, take care of your car and wish you a happy journey.

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