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When we think about car parts and their functioning, an area of concern is their regular maintenance. Sometimes, certain parts of an engine or a car, undergo serious problems and damage, to an extent where only their replacement is the option.

So, what are these most commonly replaced car parts?

How should an individual replace car parts?

And how do we maintain our vehicle health. A good choice initially should be to opt for trusted motor companies like, Nissan spare parts or Maruti Suzuki spare parts, for their quality and compatibility with vehicle auto parts. To the remaining doubts relating with replacement of car parts and more, we have on-point relevant answers that will solve your issues.

Need for replacing car parts

Under certain conditions, normal wear and tear of parts of car occurs in its duration of use. This causes certain parts of a vehicle or a car to wear out at predictable rates, while other issues are dependent on how you drive your car, and in what conditions do you maintain it. Most certainly even the drivers driving style defines the vehicles health factor. The more aggressive you are, there are more chances of your car to encounter problems.

Perceiving all the factors, there are unequivocal changes that a car has to go through. Hence replacing car parts is one of them.

Most commonly replaced car parts

The following list represents some most commonly replaced car parts that should be conducted essential so as to ensure, your car mileage and overall health.

1. Battery

It is obvious that with constant use, your cars battery will eventually start aging. As this starts to occur, there can be a threat posing over your cars overall performance, that can result into failure if not taken care. Most common issues about battery failure are acid stratification and low charge, and these problems need replacement.

If you want to ensure good sustainability of your beloved vehicle, a good practice to followed to change your car battery every five to six years. Check it for dirty terminals, cable damages or more of physical defects.

2. Brake pads

Brake pads are life savers for any vehicle. If you neglect their maintenance, it can be fatal. Therefore, for every 30,000 to 50, 000 miles, or a duration of three to four years should be considered to replace auto parts like brake pads. Although there is no compulsion to this and it greatly depends on your driving durations and operations.

Another thing here is to understand that you should trust only reliable automation companies for this. Exterior head lights or taillight bulbs, whatever you call it, exterior lights, taillights, or turn lights.

3. Headlights

These are small external lights and comes in the category of most replaced car parts, since their shelf life is less, as compared to other auto parts. Since the signs of them getting defected are not as obvious as for any engine part, because one can detect problems in it with smoke or rattling sound symptoms, the best way to keep a check on it is test them.

Changing these every five to seven years depending on your driving habits can be a good practice to follow. One needs to pay attention to this, because the proper functioning of headlight parts is essential for night driving’s.

Here is some obvious way of how you can detect these.

  • Check for burned bulbs, when a headlight goes out.
  • Check for relay, wirings, fuse, when both headlights are not working.
  • Get the alternator checked, if you notice dimming of head lights due to charging issues.

4. Tires and belts

Although tires and belts, don’t seem as most commonly replaced car parts, they fall in the category of indispensables to replace auto parts. Your vehicle strength and mobility are highly dependent on the tires and serpentine belts. These are car spare parts available online at any point of time, and needs no mess.

Every five to seven years is a good time to think for changing tires of your car. Serpentine belts should be given equal importance, if your car has completed almost 75,000 miles or in a duration of roughly six years is fine. Although if your engine gas one, consider exercising this after 100,000 miles in a duration of eight years.

5. Engine sensors and spark plugs

Amongst the paramount and most commonly replaced car parts are engine sensors and spark plugs. These two are the life lines of a car. With most sensors, failure happens due to accumulated time and mileage. Oxygen sensors and throttle sensors, may last up to 100, 000 miles, but end up with faults due to oil leakages or sensor burning many times.

Similarly spark plug, should normally last up to eight years, yet their replacement sooner of later is mandatory. For this trusted companies like Tata Genuine spare parts are good to go enterprises, as they are committed towards motor solutions and are renowned brands in market.

Other most commonly replaced car parts

There is not just one, but many other areas where an individual can replace car parts, and they are:

  • Oil and oil filters
  • Windshields and wiper blades
  • Alternator and air filters
  • Fuel and water pumps
  • Air filters and fuses
  • Shock and struts
  • Muffler and clutch

All these listed parts are much needed and equally necessary parts of car, that need periodic replacement to ensure life-long vehicle health.


Maintaining car health is very important and should be an area of concern. however, we get this in our daily lives often. No matter with what guarantee or servicing, opportunities come with your dream car, at some points they need solid replacement practices. Here is when most commonly replaced car parts knowledge is important.

Hence, never neglect your cars preservation and continuation requirements, and for any doubts, you have the above points that are break through points on understanding how and what the most commonly replaced car parts.

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