Fake Spare Parts OR Genuine Spare Parts? Choice is yours.

“Fake has become a new reality, be it technology, accessories or clothing, everything in this world has a fake counterpart. Even the automobile industry is also flooded with fake spare parts and accessories. Companies are trying to take strict actions impose strict actions against manufacturers of these fake parts. But still, there are some companies out there that you may come across.

How will you distinguish between fake spare parts one from a real one? Before we answer that question, here are some questions that come up when discussing counterfeit fake parts.

1. What do you mean by counterfeit fake spare parts?

OEM and OES make replacement parts for cars and motorcycles that are manufactured to industry standards. Such parts are essentially good for the vechiles as they conform to the right dimensions and standards that leave no room for errors which satisfy all the customers.

On the other hand, Counterfeit spare parts always cost less to the manufacturers, which means it is designed by using low quality of material and technology that’s why they look like the real spare parts. However the main difference lies in the composition of the material but the major difference lies in the composition of the material used in these parts. To reduce the cost of production these fake parts do not meet the standards set by the company.

Fake Spare Parts can be dangerous for you. But how?

As mentioned earlier, counterfeit spare parts consist of inferior technology, which automatically leads to failure that poses great dangers in the future. Here are some examples that prove that fake spare parts are harmful to everyone.

1. Possibility of engine failure or fire

Components such as spark plugs, drive belts, air filters, valves, etc, are important for engine and drive train to function properly. Incorrect components can lead to engine failure or even worse than this.

2. Windsheild damage can also lead to injury.

  • OEM / OES recommended windshields have the ability to hold some standard as they withstand heavy loads. But the fake windshields are not meant to meet these aspects. This means that such fake windshields can break under load and even injure the person.
  • Electrical Risk.Most accidents involving fires in vechiles are caused by the failure of electrical components, and it is generally found that such vehicles were equipped with counterfeit or imitation electrical components. Such components are not manufactured according to the standards, which can be dangerous.

Smart Parts Exports uses 100% genuine spare parts and products sourced directly from OEM / OES. We design our products keeping in mind all the requirements of our customers in our mind. So, always look out for such car care partners who ensure quality.



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