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People don’t basically understand the common difference between shocks and struts. They look at them the same way as if these parts are interchangeable among each other.

But there is always a fine line of difference which makes them separate from the work they does. While both auto parts can make your ride smoother and better in every single way, they have a different form of function too.

The strut of your vehicle is completely different to that of your shock. When you understand the core difference between them, you can and will understand the suspension tension before handily consulting a mechanic.

What are Shocks and Struts?

Before going to the difference between shocks and struts, we need to know what they are and what they does on shocks vs struts.

Well, a shock absorber damp or completely reduces the spring oscillations. Everytime you hit a bump or take a break, the spring oscillations in your car goes into a frenzy mode. So the friction which is created right between them is taken into account with the help of a shock absorber.

Here are the main functions which are depicted by the shock absorber of your car.

  1. Stops the spring from oscillation and even friction between them.
  2. Keep the tires in contact with the road. This is the base level touch and contact which is maintained with the help of the shock absorber.
  3. Improves handling of your ride and at the same time, takes a look into the quality of your ride. If you want to have a friction less ride then the shock absorber helps you out with the same.
  4. Takes care of the mileage of your car. The oil and the shock valve causes less friction among the springs which can save a lot of energy.

You can always resort to the Commonly Replaced Car Parts to take a proper assessment between the two and understand.

Struts on the other hand are completely different to what you have read right now. They are mostly the structural part or the mechanical part of your car. The common difference between shocks and struts is that, the former does the mechanical part and the later takes proper care of your car.

Struts are the structural part of your suspension system of the car that must be completely in order for your vehicle to operate and work fine. The entire weight of the vehicle is supported with the help of the strut present. It is more of a system which takes the load of your car spring. Chances of driving with bad struts is always a possible notion.

What’s the Difference between shocks and struts?

So here comes the difference between shocks and struts. If you are feeling like you need to hit the road anytime soon then you need to take care of both these parts of your car.

Shocks are extremely simple to replace because they are present beside the springs of your car. On the other hand, if you talk about struts then they are the harder part to manage.

First of all, it can be potentially hazardous to replace and can even lead to dangers to your health if you are exposed to it for a longer period of time.

Car Spark Plug can help you to get a proper lookout and understatement of what happens between the two.

Shocks and Struts diagram

When to replace shocks and struts

Understanding the basic difference between shocks and struts will help you to know when to replace both of them. Like most of parts, the shocks and struts of your vehicle follow a specific maintenance program.  But, that’s just a recommendation.

The life length of shocks and struts will depend on your driving routines.  Then your shocks and struts need to be replaced more often than those commuting distances every day if you’re traveling through streets and road conditions many times.

It is important to have these air suspension parts inspected regularly, with that said.  This can help you get a better knowledge of time and the specific mileage struts and that your shocks need to be replaced.

Car Maintenance Tips helps you to get an assessment and these properly maintained tips are always better for car owners. If you have issues faced, you can always resort to Smart Parts Export. We make sure that your shocks and struts are completely working so that you can have your car taken in for the longer term.

There are some warning signs that you might have to consider before thinking to replace both of them.

  1. You have a poor steering response of your car.
  2. The overall performance of your car is decreasing.
  3. When you are changing the lanes, your car will always sway and lean.
  4. When you are driving your car then your vehicle is bouncing excessively.
  5. The braking performance of your car is completely unbearable.

Checking your shocks and struts for damage

Occasionally, above until it is too late, struts and shocks will not begin to emit the warning signs.  So you also want to execute routine visual inspections that will help you realize if you have to replace your struts and shocks.

During these visual inspections, you are going to want to look at the struts and shocks such as escapes.  Usually, fluid will flow from the very top of their bodies.  You want to look for almost any corroded, worn, or broken mounts and bushings around the suspension components.

Parts around struts and the shocks can cause severe harm to the suspension system.  Replace bushings and the mounts as well as the shocks and struts to reduce performance issues.

Always keep an eye on the performance level of your car when you are driving. We are often callous with the performance of our car and this can lead to a lot of mess for the future. If you don’t take enough care of your car then it won’t support you for the long term as well.


Before finding the difference between shocks and struts, you can give a thorough assessment of your car to the mechanic and let them find out the proper issue. If your car is causing too much problem lately and you have checked out for the warning signs, you can do a self-assessment as well. It is always better to take a proper look of your car for the first try and then trust someone else for the said.

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