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A car is a machine made of metal and other parts and needs petrol to run.

It is a common fact which comes to every person’s mind.

Cars are not as simple as you think. Each part of a car is significant.

Like the human body parts, even the blood cells are vital as bones.

A car spark plug is an appliance, helping to provide the electric current. The electricity passes to the combustion chamber of the engine. It is the bread butter of the car. Without a spark plug, a car cannot run. It is a significant part of the car which helps to generate energy. You can buy auto spare parts online through different online platforms.

Work of spark plug in a car

What spark plugs do

It is a common question. A spark plug is the smallest plug which passes electricity to the engine. The electrical energy enters into a small space and generates ignition. 

The combustion helps to start a car. The eruption makes the piston move. Through the movement, the vehicle starts and keeps producing power to run. The burn-in abrupt fuel and air mixture moves the piston.

Importance of a spark plug

A spark plug is like the energy in the human body, without which it can never run. The reason behind a car starting and running is none other than a car spark plug. The plugs condition relates to the engine. 

The performance of your car becomes poor. A bad spark plug always leads to misfires while accelerating. A healthy spark plug for a car gives you a better ride. It even increases the economy of fuel.

Different Spark plugs in the car

High quality of Car spark plug makes your car perform better. You can get spark plugs online from anywhere. Offline products are also available in car maintenance shops.

  1. Platinum plus spark plugs:- The Iridium spark plugs increase MPG. The company uses productive and reliable platinum to manufacture the plugs. The new version of the product works better than the earlier version. 
  2. Silver spark plugs:- These plugs are not so popular nowadays. The top of the electrode has a silver coating on it. The silver plugs are not so reliable. Due to less durability, they are not so common in the market. 
  3. Copper spark plugs:- The electrode in the middle of the spark plug consists of a copper substance in the core. The core has a coating of nickel alloy in it. These plugs use more voltage electricity for combustion.Copper is also not so reliable thus they don’t last long. These car spark plugs need changes after a specific period. Some of the cars have designs to work using iridium spark plugs.
  4. Iridium spark plugs:- Iridium is more reliable and strong than platinum thus they last long. Many car manufacturers use iridium plugs in their car. The tiny electrode in the centre needs less voltage for spark.If a vehicle has iridium plugs take care to exchange them with other iridium ones. If it doesn’t happen the performance of the car may reduce. 

Duration of changing the spark plugs of a car

very part of the car needs change after a certain time. But, time is not very short. Car spark plugs also need changes after a long time. They get worse after moving a long distance. Certain manufacturers suggest changing the plugs after 25-30 thousand miles. But, it sometimes depends on the use of the car. If the car moves for fewer miles it needs changes after a long time.

The plug condition depends on the type of plug the car possesses. Suppose the car has copper or silver plugs they need replacement after a certain time. A copper plug or silver car spark plug has less reliability.  Other plugs such as platinum or iridium plugs may last for a long time. Thus, the change of the plug depends on both the quality and mileage.

Advantages of changing a spark plug

Whenever a spark plug wears out, the car will start with a hitch. A new spark plug benefits your car a lot. You can buy Hyundai plugs online for your car. The performance of a car depends on the spark plugs. 

Benefits of changing spark plugs:-

  • The economy of fuel:- A bad spark plug leads to less fuel economy cars. When the user changes the plugs of the car they increase the economy of fuel. Plugs need to change after a certain time. 
  • Powerful, smooth and easy start:- A bad spark plug leads to hitch during the start. When you install new car spark plugs, you will experience a smooth and easy start. When the start is smooth and powerful, the whole journey becomes comfortable. 
  • Less air pollution:- A new plug or a plug-in good condition reduces the emission of pollutants. Thus, a new plug helps to reduce pollution a lot. Worn out plugs lead to a lot of pollution due to misfiring sparks. 

There are a lot of benefits of changing spark plugs. The performance of the car depends much upon the plugs. Regular change of the plugs leads to better performance of the car.

Indications of a spark wearing out

There are many indications which shows the plug is wearing out or is already bad. The bad plugs lead to performance problems. Indications of bad plugs:- 

  • Rough start of a car:- while starting a car, if the user feels like the start is rough it means the plug has worn out. The worn-out plug leads to malfunction of the car. A new car spark plug leads to the best functioning car.
  • Less economy of fuel:- A bad plug leads to wastage of fuels. The plug produces a lot of misfires when it ages. When the car doesn’t get proper ignition the engine takes a lot of time to start. Misfiring for a lot of time wastes fuel.
  • Performance problem:- The spark plug in a car produces fire when the user changes gear or the speed changes. If it misfires for so many times the car will give hitches. The drive will provide discomforts to the riders and also it will waste a lot of fuel. With a bad plug, the performance reduces.
  • Unusual noises coming:- A worn-out plug produces a lot of misfires. The force in the piston and no combustion leads to various noises. The unusual noise is very annoying. If it continues to misfire, the sound will appear.

The action of the plug when it gets old

Before getting old the car spark plug works well for a lot of time. The spark plug produces a lot of ignition to start the car and stay good for a long time. The spark plug reliability depends on the material of it. Apart from the materials, all plugs get tears from the fires.

  1. Extension of the gap:- The plug produces ignition for combustion of fuel. The fire has to pass through a gap in the combustion chamber of the engine. Due to the ageing of the plug, the gap widens. These results are due to high temperatures. 
  2. Build up in spark plug deposit:- Old car spark plug leads to pre-firing of fuels. It happens from coming into contact with a mixture of air and fuel. The result of these pre-firing results is to jerk in the car.

Maruti Suzuki Spare Parts has certain spark plugs for different cars. New spark plug keeps the car perfect and makes the drive better. Spark plug performs it best when it is fresh.

The unusual explosion in the spark plug

  • Pre-firing into the car spark plugs is the most common problem when the plug ages. It occurs when the mixture in the chamber gets heat from other hot objects.
  • Misfiring in the spark plug is also a big problem. It occurs when the plug gets old. The problem occurs when the electric current jumps out of the gap. The car starts when the ignition passes through the gap for combustion of air and fuels.


The car spark plug is an important part of a car. Without the spark plug, the car can neither start nor move. The plug produces electric current for the combustion of fuel. A plug wears out after a long time. Sometimes the longevity depends on the materials. Different types of plugs are available in the market. Smart part exports have good quality spark plugs. The article contains all you need to know about a spark plug starting from types to symptoms.

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