How can you replace a front bumper of a Car | 5 Steps Revealed

Although every car have a robust strength with themselves with the formal and the natural built of the car, the body can be easily dented. There are a lot of reasons as to why your car is dented easily and what causes the dent to stay too long. The front bumper of your car is one of the main part which stays dented and gets most of the damage as well as the itch and scratches.

It becomes hard to get a proper assessment of the bumper dent of your car if you don’t take it to a proper mechanic. Choosing to go for; spare parts replacement on your damaged bumper? You can take the option of Ford Spare Parts which will work perfectly fine for your car.

This is one of the less complex mechanical job of your car which makes it just an easy go for everybody. If you take your car to the garage then you can find out that the management will ask you for a lesser amount since the dent is only done to the front bumper.

All you need is a proper spanner set, a pair of sachet and some clippers which can make your car run smoothly and make it look as new as you have got it.

How to properly remove the front bumper dent?

Here are some steps you can follow to replace the dented front bumper of your car.

  1. Locate and then unscrew the bumper cover which is affected. There is actually two parts which makes your front bumper. One is the painted part of the cover which lies on top of the actual bumper. The other one is the actual bumper of your car which stays on the bottom. The front or the top part is also known as the bumper of the car since it conceals the fact that the layer which lies beneath it is known as the real bumper. Open the bonnet of your car and then unscrew the bolts which are placed onto your bumper.
  2. Second thing you need to do is to unclip the bumper cover which is there. It is now time that you properly asses the problem with your front bumper and that you have to unclip the cover of the bumper so that the rest of the work can be done. If you have a flat head screwdriver then you need to use it carefully on the bolts which are present on your bumper. Make sure that you are using it with proper management before removing the cover part of the bumper. Once you have removed it, you can keep it aside for further replacement.
  3. This is the third part you need to take care of. It is known as the bumper removal. After you have driven your car, you need to ramp it onto the levels so that the front part of your car can remain elevated. If you don’t elevate your car then taking the front bumper out will be a hard task to do. Make sure that your car is properly elevated and that you are completely safe while you are removing the bumper from your car. If you have the spanner set, you need to use it properly so that you can remove the bolts and then get the work done.
  4. It is time for you to replace the bumper of your car. Place the new bumper in front of your car and then put the bolts which you have screwed out, back in. you can do and get the work done with the use of the spanner set. Once you are putting the frame back in your Ford Body Parts, make sure that you put the bolts and wait for a few second for the frame to set in. While you are putting the bolts back in, understand that it takes proper assessment of your hands and cordial action for the work to be completed. If you do this work in a hurried way then it can cause serious repercussions later on.
  5. After you have replaced the bumper of your car, make sure that you put the cover back in as well. The cover of the bumper should be properly assessed before you get the work done. There are frames which are present on the cover of the number, which you have to put it in while you are fixing it on the car. You can do it exactly same like you have put the bumper of your car. Take your spanner set and then put the bolts onto the frame and stick it into the bumper of your car properly. Wait for few seconds to check if the work has been completed or not.


These are the basic thing you need to take care of when you are replacing the front bumper of your car. As said, it is one of the easier work that you can do right on your own. You don’t have to spend extra time and money onto the mechanic anymore since the work can be done easily at your own disposal with proper tips taken care of. Smart Parts Export gives you the complete liberty to choose among a range of selective replacement parts for your car so that your vehicle can look amazing as new.

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