How to do Maintenance Tata Engine Car or Truck Parts

Signs to a healthy and efficient working car are its long life, which only comes from regular maintenance and checking. Every functioning car needs a healthy engine and its time-to-time repair if needed. Hence maintaining is a great part of a well-maintained car, and speaks a lot about its owner also.

It is very difficult to stay away from your vehicle and maintain it, especially when it is your Tata car, and running on Tata Spare Parts. Tata Motors is known for its reliance and great customer satisfaction with unmatchable spare part quality, as compared to every other brand. With great car, comes great responsibility.

Why is automobile maintenance necessary?

Every automobile is a machine made of complex parts put together to deliver great results. For your Tata car, its Tata Engine is the life, and heart of the vehicle. Hence if not maintained well, can result in product deterioration.

Moreover, maintenance of your automobile helps in improving the overall performance, efficiency, appearance, and lifespan of the car. Therefore, maintenance in all respects has become a very important aspect of keeping a car in good condition.

How to maintain your automobile?

A few checking’s in the following area of your car parts, can initiate the maintenance process, and ultimately getting your car serviced.

1. Check oiling of car regularly

Oiling plays an essential role in maintaining the lifeblood of your car engine. There are so many rotatory parts and moving parts in the car, hence lubrication is a must. Oiling degrades in vehicles comparatively sooner than any other process. Therefore, always check the oil in parts with dipstick, to see if the oil is changing color or getting dirty.

2. Check for engine overheating

Overheating in any machinery part is problematic and should be checked regularly. A guide on engine parts, can help in knowing such parts which get overheated faster in the automobile. If overheating occurs, look for coolant leakages in the car engine, and get it serviced if the problem persists.

3. Change air filter

Air filter is essential in preventing dust and debris, from clogging the engine parts, any dirty solid dust layer, obstructing the air filters can lead to serious damage of the parts. Therefore, checking for such issues is a must. Replacing it is the best option and make sure to do it, when your vehicle has traveled at least 15,000 to 20,000 miles.

4. Check for leaks in car parts

While driving, if you smell fuel leakage or suspicious odor emerging from your car, spot a parking and check for the issue. You can again check the hood to see if some lubricant is leaking out from the engine part. Engine oil and anti-freeze fluids are what you should be looking for and get them serviced in time.

5. Replace faulty spark plugs and wires

Spark plugs are fire-starters of a vehicle. It is needed in igniting the air-fuel mixture present in the cylinders and this regular maintenance, a little more than every other part. Many times, spark plug does not even need replacements, but a generous cleaning is all that is needed. Hence never neglect the spark plug as an essential part.

6. Check the belts properly

Rubber belts which are essential links and joining that keep every part in tune with the engine requires regular maintenance also. If you hear a squeaking sound, or friction marks, it is time to replace them. This part is often neglected, but must be checked, diligently. Check your belt for signs for cracks and wear and tear. If they break, while the engine is running, it causes serious damage to engine components.

Engine parts maintenance tips

Engine is the driving force of your vehicle; hence it needs the most engine. Here is how you can maintain your vehicles engine parts and ensure its safety.

1. Brake fluid level check

  • Park your car on a safe level surface
  • On top of the fluid container, minimum and maximum marks have been shown.

Ensure that your brake fluid is present between that mark.

  • If there is an issue, open up the reservoir and add more brake fluid.
  • Clean the area diligently, surrounding the reservoir cap so that its contamination is

2. Washer fluid level

  • A translucent liquid in the washer is the washer fluid in the container.
  • Make sure that no detergent, emulsions, or any soluble agents are added to that windshield washer while cleaning of your vehicle.

3. Power steering fluid detection

  • Power steering fluid should be in between the minimum and maximum marks indicated on the sides of the fluid reservoir.
  • If the level falls low, re-fill it. Do not start the engine without oil in its power steering system.

4. Engine coolant level

  • An essential car maintenance tip is directly related to its coolant level.
  • The engine coolant level must be again in level like every other fluid.
  • It can be noted be maintaining it between, F and L marking, which is the maximum and minimum levels.
  • The markings can be found on the side of your auxiliary coolant tank.


By following all the guidelines mentioned above, the longevity of your vehicle can be confirmed. Smart parts export and the trust of Tata parts is enough in ensuring that your car engine parts remain intact and in good condition. Replacements and repairing are an essential part of maintenance hence, always make sure to keep your automobile in good condition and enjoy the ride!

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