8 Signals You Must Know about Air Filter Changing

Air filters serve an important purpose in providing the maximum power to the engine, by keeping the flow of air constant. The air filters even helps us to breathe through fresh air so that you are not affected anyhow.

For the car to remain in apt air condition, the filters need to be changed after vehicle travels 10,000 to 15,000 miles. The air filter is designed carefully to filter out dust, dirt due to combustion in the engine, and allowing fresh filtered air to come in the engine which combusts with fuel, before being expelled through the exhaust system.

As commonly repaired car parts include air filters, it needs good management to function.

How to recognize signs for changing air filter?

It is important to understand that the air filter is like the filtration unit. If it fails, the combustion expulsion process gets into trouble. Hence here are signs that will tell you whether or not to change the air filter.

1. Mileage of fuel

The driver should always note and pay attention towards the car’s gas mileage. It is commonplace for dirty air filters showing signs of a decrease in fuel efficiency. The engine goes through lower amounts of oxygen by consuming more fuel that produces enough power. It needs to be maintained, cleaned for an efficient air filter. This will help you to save fuel all along.

2.  Misfiring of the engine

If you face an issue where the engine does not startup, it can be due to an unclean, dirty air filter. A dirty air filter greatly reduces the airflow to the engine. This in turn causes an overly rich air-fuel blend. This concentration of air and fuel can pollute the spark plugs, which can cause the engine to misfire.

However, it can be replaced with reliable spare parts like Hyundai spare parts. Therefore, the misfiring of the engine can be taken as the most obvious sign of a replaceable air filter.

3. Funny engine sounds

We all know how the engine sounds normally. If the engine sounds anything but its usual self, there is a problem. If you hear or see vibrations in your car or hear coughing, slipping sounds, it is an indication of rough idling taking course. This can occur possibly due to a damaged spark plug resulting from a clogged air filter.

4. Service engine light

The car engines are structured in such a way that gallons of air are stuffed and they are triggered to power the engine of the car. Deficiency in air can result in deposits accumulating on the engine, which can trigger your engine light. If the light comes on, you should check your air filter to see, if it is dirty and needs replacing.

5. Reduced horsepower

This is again one of the most prominent signs of air filter replacement, when you feel, while accelerating your car undergoes jolts. If the car does not move with as much smoothness, as usual, there can be a problem with the air filter. Therefore, check for your air filter if it appears dirty.

6. Black smoke, flames exhaust

Insufficient air supply can result in some different fuel exhaust exiting out. This results in some of the fuel not burning properly, and exits of black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

For this, you need to get it replaced or cleaned a service center. There can also be possibilities of flame at the end of the exhaust, which happens when excess fuel in pipes ignites.

7. Smell of gas/fuel

Though this does not sound like a sign with interconnection to air filter, but it is. Majorly because the first signs of smell, fuel, gasoline can tell us if there is not enough oxygen entering the carburettor or fuel ejection system when you start the car.

This excess unburnt fuel exits the car through the exhaust pipe. Here is where you can notice the gasoline scent and know there is an issue with the air filter.

8. Dirty air filter

It is easy enough to recognize between a dirty or a clean air filter. The one which is brand new appears white and finished. The one which has been used appears full of soot, smoke, blacks and filtered out remains due to exhausts and combustions.

There should be a check of air filter performed after 12 months, in bright light to see if the air filter is completely good or bad condition.

How to fix air filters symptoms

Here is how you can fix air filter symptoms if any, to protect the car.

  • Keep an eye on harmful, unburnt emissions from exhaust pipe.
  • Check for wasted fuel, damaged spark plugs, engine build-up.
  • Call for the nearest service center for quick servicing.
  • Check your air filter every 12 months and get it replaced with car spare parts if needed.
  • Check for unusual sounds in the car, and get it repaired.
  • Ensure that the horsepower of the car is efficient and working well. If not show to a motor expert.

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