6 Must You Know Signs of a Car Suspension failing

Your suspension system is responsible to make sure that driving comfort and smooth surpass on bumps in the road is made easy. It is responsible for providing traction by keeping the wheels on the ground as much as possible.

Most people believe that the sole purpose of the suspension system is to avoid the jolts for the driver, but there is more to it.  The suspension system is also necessary for keeping the wheels in contact with the asphalt which improves traction.

Since every part of a car is a mechanical system, there are possibilities and there can be signs of a bad suspension system or car suspension issues.  This article will highlight some of the important points you need to know about your car suspension system.

What are signs of bad suspension in an automobile?

Your suspension system lies at the heart of your car, where it manages the struts vs shocks, and takes over impacts suffered by your vehicle every time you drive. Therefore, your car suspension remains at a higher risk of going through extreme wear and tear over time. Here are some bad suspension symptoms that will warn you.

1. Pulling to the side

If you notice your car is pulling to one side or the other side, while you drive the problems originates within the tires, your car shock absorbers or the brakes. Tires have to be aligned properly to ensure a smooth ride. To check this take a look over the tire treads and notice if they are wearing as expected.

You should check for flat tires or inflated once, as either of the tire conditions could stand responsible for suspension problems. If the issue persists even after checking, you need to check the suspension system. If you spot signs of bad suspension, damage, or wear and tear, it needs to be handed over to a qualified mechanic as suspension problems can have very serious implications.

2. Feeling every road bump

One of the most important roles of the suspension system is to smoothly overcome the bumps on the roads. If you feel that the smoothness is lost, it is a clear sign that there are major issues in your car suspension system. To be completely sure about this you can take a bounce test.

Simply push your entire weight down on the bonnet of the car. Release and count the number of times your car bounces. If the bounces are more than three times, then there are sure shot issues with the shock absorbers or struts. It needs to get serviced or the parts need replacing through car spare parts online.

3. Uneven balancing

If you feel that one corner of your car is a bit lower than the other, there is a chance you have a worn or damaged spring. Such issues can be resolved through Hyundai spare parts, Hyundai Eon parts, or Hyundai Santro parts. But if there is a persistent issue of clunking noises as you drive over the bumps or a pothole, that signifies bad suspension noise.

To be sure about this, check your vehicle’s tires if they are correctly and equally inflated. If one of the corners still seems to get lower, push your weight down on the boot side of the car and listen to the suspension sounds. Any sound similar to creaking or squealing will confirm that you need to get your suspension checked by a mechanic.

4. Lurching’s and dipping’s

Do you feel that you dive forward whenever you hit brakes? You roll to a certain corner side-to-side? Or you feel yourself squatting backward when you hit accelerate? If yes, there is a deep possibility that your cars shock absorbers or struts have signs of bad suspension.

For such problems, the wiser option is to get your car serviced through a trusted service center, so that all issues can be solved at once.

5. Steering turning problems

When steering wheel turning becomes difficult, especially when you are driving at comparatively lower speeds, it means that there can be an issue with your suspension or car steering systems. The problem can occur due to a low level of power steering fluid, or a faulty power steering pump. This issue may occur due to leakage in the steering rack or worn control arm bushings also.

Such faults indicate front end suspension problems and are a threat to life if not repaired. Hence it is best to get it serviced as soon as possible.

6. Oil shock absorbers

Experts are of the opinion that performing a regular visual check of your suspension system at regular intervals stand beneficial. If you feel that your shock absorbers look a bit greasy or oily, there is a chance they are leaking the fluid.

This states that the shock absorbers will not be working properly when you would need them to. The absorbers will look like a dirty, black coal mine reducing its efficiency and function capabilities. Hence getting them checked and eradicating signs of bad suspension is the best option.

What is the car suspension parts?

When most people think about the automobile working and efficiency, the first thing that comes to their mind is horsepower, torque or acceleration. Well, all of this power stands of no use, generated by a piston if the driver cannot control the car.

This is the major reason why automobile engineers especially pay attention to the suspension system of the car. The sole job of the suspension system is to ensure that there is maximum friction between the tires and the road surface, that there is good steering stability and comfort of the passengers have not been compromised.

Hence a car’s suspension system is responsible for car safety, driving comfort, and overall passenger comfort at every given point of time. Car suspension parts are those which make up the entire suspension system of the automobile, which includes,

  • The frame structure, some components for load-carrying that also supports the car engine and body and they are in return supported by the suspension.
  • The suspension system, s strong setup that supports weight and one which undergoes mostly car suspension problems. This system absorbs and dampens the shocks and helps in maintaining the tire contact with ease.
  • The steering system, whose mechanism enables the driver to guide and direct the vehicle in the correct direction, and which can also undergo stiffness in turning and similar problems if the suspension system is not working well.
  • The tires and wheels are the final components that make the vehicle motion possible in all ways in terms of grip or road friction and more. Hence the suspension system is one of the major systems of an automobile.


comfortable ride even on tough bumps and roads. Gone are those times where you would have compromised with the roughness, as technology today has changed the game. As with all mechanical parts there comes problems, the same can happen with your cars suspension system. You can recognize those symptoms and get them repaired or replaced easily with Smart Parts Exports. Sit back and enjoy your car ride with ease!


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