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It always necessary that you have certain things assembled in your car for safety and utilization purposes. The list of car essentials and things to keep in your car, are some of those that help you with unforeseen situations.

There can be a situation where you would have to help a stranded person, provide immediate medical help, repair certain issues in engine on the middle of the road, for long road trip carry essentials and what not.

Hence, there are many things to keep in your car, which are called car essentials. These can be anything from a screw driver, to a medical box.

9 car essentials to keep handy

Depending upon the need of the hour, here is a list of things to have in your car that will serve at the right hour,

1. Owner manual

You need to always keep a check on your glove box, and make sure that you always carry an owner’s manual that will tell you the necessary details and information.

These informative pieces include fuel recommendations, PSI levels, and unique information about your vehicle. This manual always comes with your car, hence it is mandatory and an important thing to keep in your car, to gather info whenever and where ever needed.

2. Car repair info

A car repair info is completely different from an owner manual.

The driver should make sure that he keeps, car repair information, insurance claims forms and AAA information handy in the vehicle compartment. These records help when you want to sell your automobile, or want to repair it.

3. Important car driver documents

Every driver needs to know, that in any country certain rules and regulations have to be followed for driving a vehicle, one such need is keep the documents of the driver in hand. These documents comprise of license, insurance, PUC, RC, registration papers and others.

These documents verify the vehicle legal and have to be carried in case of any claims or automobile issues. Some of the extra documents that can be taken into consideration as essential things to keep in your car like, car maintenance receipts, emergency contact information, and car legal papers.

4. Car repairing and maintenance kit

Everyone knows that there are certain tools that should be present in the car for repairing purposes in case of breakdowns or small problems.

The question is what to keep in your car? Grouping together a tire jack, spare tire, lug wrench are the three most important things to keep in a car. In case your vehicles battery dies, jumper cables can be helpful and is another must haves in your car. Jumper cables are mostly inexpensive and can be bought in below $20 at most retail stores or basic car spare parts units.

Adding more to these essentials can be tire pressure gauge, WD-40 for automotive uses, duct tape, and cleaning supplies.

5.  Safety kit

The first lesson to have is, always keep a safety kit as uncompromising things to keep in your car. One can never predict when will you need the safety box. Life has a habit of springing dreadful; fatal situations and we should be ready for that.

Your kit should always comprise of band-aid, ointments, gauze pads, scissors, and gloves. You can always find such essentials kits available online in $8.25 on various sites, and can assemble one by yourself. Remember in condition should you miss this, and the kit should always comprise of all these medical equipment’s.

6. Flashlight

For an instance, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night, and there is no means of light source, how are you move then? It sounds like a nightmare, but can also turn into reality only if you do not the one important tool in the must haves of your car, a flashlight.

A flashlight is like that device whose absence can be felt only when it is not available, otherwise you would not be bothered to keep it. Therefore, keep a tactical flashlight to be more precise can be good, this type of flashlight is mostly used by the police or military emitting much lighter and can be used as a defense tool if required.

7. Reflective triangles, car hammer and multi-tool

Alongside a tactical flashlight a reflective triangle also serves as a safety tool. They offer enhanced visibility for traffic, that lowers the possibility of you being hit by unsuspecting drivers while you are waiting for the help you need.

Multi-tool on the other hand includes scissors, screwdrivers, sharp edge, that keeps your mind in peace in case of any emergency. A car hammer lastly, is a little lifesaving tool therefore important things to keep in your car.

A car hammer can be very useful in case you want to break the glass window of your car for escape. Most of these car hammer come with a seatbelt cutter and hence stand primarily in car essentials kit.

8.  Winter essentials

While season plays a major role in the maintenance of your car, so does its essentials. This stand true in the senses that during winters most people like to go on a long road trip or travel for days in their car.

This calls for some extra things that you will need. These extra materials comprise of windshield wiper fluid, that will be useful in conditions of precipitation, rain, snow, ice.

To prevent the potential hazard caused by the winter splash-back and road sludge, you would require a backup like this. Moreover, an ice-scrapper or snowbrush needs to be tucked in too, as snow on your windshield will not run down on its own.

Having one or all of these tools handy will save you from the cruel season hazards that establish and will ensure your trip is not spoiled.

9. Summer essentials

Just as winter essentials, summer essentials also become a point of discussion.However, there is not much to worry about carrying any specific summer essentials, unless you and your family are heading toward a trip.

The case being that, some important things to keep in your car can be tons of liters of water for hydration Some tissues and towels, essentials like mobile phones, charger and all. During summer due to the heat or humidity your car can stink like a dump yard. Make sure to keep a spray car fragrance dispenser, that will prevent the odor.

Cleaning supplies and warm gears

As mentioned earlier, cleaning supplies and warm gears are some of the good things to have in your car, and are enlisted as follows,

1. Cleaning supplies

having certain cleaning and hygiene items in the car will not burden your car, instead will help in times of need. They include,

  • zipper lock bags
  • water bottles
  • car trash bin
  • reusable shopping bags
  • paper towels
  • emergency kit for pregnant women
  • tissues

2.  Warm gear essentials

warm gear essentials become important when travelling in winters and they include,

  • snacks and energy bars
  • extra warm clothes
  • umbrella
  • traction mats
  • shovel
  • toilet papers and matches/ flares
  • portable tire inflator
  • medication if needed.

3. Other extras to take care

These are extra things to keep in your car and an extra set of essentials that also help in times of need,

  • Spare parts like ford spare parts
  • Tire sealant
  • Gas can
  • Pair of gloves
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Mini lantern
  • Emergency food
  • Weather radio
  • Printed maps
  • Pail/bucket
  • Barbecue lighter, candles
  • Car adapted phone charger or solar phone charger
  • Comfortable shoes, notebook, pen


There can be many things to keep in your car, because difficulty can show up whenever and where ever without saying. Hence the article portrays aspects where one can be prepared well in advance with all the necessary items, big or small.  Smart parts export of any essential car part, of buying things online well in advance can help you save your time.

Keep your automobile ready for all situation, and enjoy your ride in your vehicle with love, comfort and peace of mind.

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