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When you hold the steering wheel, you always become the sole responsible person for ensuring driving safety . Humans are mostly always distracted with or other things in mind. A good driver is someone who knows and understands the importance of driving safety

This article talk about various aspects of driving safety and car maintenance tips while you are driving.

Safety tips for driving

Safety is something that should be compromised for anything. When you become the handler of the motorized vehicle, you carry the responsibility keep roadways safe for yourself, other drivers, passengers on the path, and all others, including animals., who can be affected due to accidents

1. Focus on the driving road

You need to ensure that your focus at all times is on the road and avoid unnecessary multi-tasking. Do not use any cell phones or electronic devices, like headphones when you drive. Always maintain the minimum driving limit speed, and never speed on a busy road.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

When driving you can never be taking a guarantee of how others perform on-road, hence stay defensive. Be alert and aware of what other drivers around you are doing. Always take a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you, increase the time in case the weather is bad.

3. Make a safety driving blueprint

A safety driving blueprint is good practice and should be done by all drivers. This includes building time for all things in your trip like for food, rest breaks, phone call breaks. Adjust your rear mirror and climate controls before changing gears. Always wear your seatbelt, and remain sober and drug-free.

4. Check for car parts

Before leaving for a very long drive, or trip at distant places make sure to check your car of all parts working properly to ensure smoothness. If you face any issue it can be solved by commonly replaced parts and servicing. Make sure your vehicle is in a good position for bearing long drives.

5. Check for traffic signals and maintain distance

Although this point gets covered up in the safety part, yet the emphasis is important. For the vehicles on road, traffic light and signal safety are important. Most of the accidents in any country around the world, is due to the disobeying of traffic signals, due to pedestrians or drivers. Never try to overtake a car from the left side, and keep a good distance from larger trucks, buses while driving.

6. Service your vehicle on a regular basis

A car after all is a machine and can undergo failures, that can result to be fatal. Hence always make sure to get your car serviced at least once every 5-6 months to repair any faults or major mechanical issues not visible with the eye. Internal engine parts should be checked, replaced, and repaired as needed.

7. Traffic rules and speeding limits.

For any driver, it is first important to inspect their own vehicle for any faults like brakes, gear to avoid a fatal accident afterward. Some of the major car parts issues, like the misfunctioning of motor parts, can be easily solved by trustable like Maruti Suzuki parts online.

For others, the next part to keep in check is obeying traffic laws. Here are some important points one needs to follow when driving on road,

  • When parking your vehicle always remain mindful of handicapped signs, fire hydrants, bus stops zones, parking restrictions, or any other at all times whether day or night. Just keep in mind to follow and look out for all signs.
  • Never pass a stopped bus that displays a stop sign. This will mean that children are crossing the road. Stop for red traffic light, keep ready for yellow traffic lights and drive for green light.
  • Stop for stop signs completely, for a pedestrian to cross safely. If you hear a siren coming behind your vehicle get to the side wait until the vehicle passes by.
  • Obey the speeding limits. Speeding tickets are very costly if you are under penalties.
  • Do not allow children to hover around your vehicle. Avoid driving if you are tired and drenched.

Winter driving tips

Winter brings all sorts of problems, including health issues, and roadblock issues. Here are some winter driving tips that will help you get through winter weather problems.

  • Check for basic car safety like checking for seat belts, car cushions, and others that are the best defenses for saving you from a fatal crash.
  • Use extra cautions in places like intersections, shaded areas, bridges, and overpasses.
  • Check the weather report before leaving for drives on TV or online mediums. Avoiding going out on severe weather days.
  • Always keep your safety emergency kit in check with all the required medical equipment ready like ointments, bandage, solutions, and more.
  • Make sure that your electronic device is completely operative and charged and your car has a full tank of gas. Keep the required materials and tools for snow-scrapping on roads and warm gears handy if heading out.
  • Needless to say, keep food, hydrants, and other required material in your car storage den. Keep a flashlight, reflective triangle in place for emergency needs. Extra materials can comprise of windshield wiper fluid, that will be useful in conditions of precipitation, rain, snow, ice. To prevent the potential hazard caused by the winter splash-back and road sludge, you would require a backup like this.

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